Beyond Brick and Mortar: Capturing the essence of city life for your listing

For home sellers in urban areas, highlighting the surrounding neighbourhood and city offerings can be just as important as showcasing the property itself. In cities such as Birmingham, location is a prime factor shaping a home's appeal and value proposition for potential buyers. After all, owner occupiers & investors aren’t just investing in the building they choose to buy in but the lifestyle that property potentially offers them or their future tenants.

Centrally located properties within ready reach of the vibrant amenities and attractions often command significant price premiums, which is always good news for those thinking of selling. So,when listing a home to sell or indeed let in the city, it invariably pays to go beyond brick and mortar and capture the true essence of the urban lifestyle one can offer. Here’s why location matters when it comes to marketing a property, with the amenities and features you should ensure are highlighted.

The value of location in property marketing

Location holds the major influence over property values and its appeal when selling. Homes situated close to the heart of a city and the top amenities often command premium prices. For example, Birmingham has seen strong price growth in recent years. Rightmove states that prime apartments and townhouse properties in the city centre can sell for over £600,000 with property prices, on average, up 4% on last year. This premium demonstrates the continuing draw of central, well-connected locations for home buyers & the increasing draw the City has for those looking for a home.

Studies continually show that buyers always prioritise proximity to transportation links, shops, restaurants, cafes, cultural attractions and green spaces when purchasing homes in metropolitan areas. Given this emphasis on location, properties in walkable, amenity-rich city areas have a built-in advantage over suburban or car-dependent neighbourhoods. Savvy sellers can maximise this appeal by spotlighting a home's nearness to the likes of transport stations, prime shopping districts and eateries, highlighting the lifestyle perks that matter most to buyers.

Showcasing local amenities and attractions

Photographs and videos do work well to effectively convey proximity and access but also help to show potential buyers the nearby shopping areas, markets, coffee shops, pubs and eateries that create a vibrant neighbourhood. Likewise, if the property is on a recognised street, has a particularly stunning cityscape outlook or is located right by a leafy park or square, these images capture the essence of living in a certain area.

For agents showcasing local perks, it can help to sometimes include specifics like route distances and average journey times to your listing description or to image captions. For example, maybe you note how the property is just a ten-minute walk to Birmingham New Street station, or indeed the proximity to bus routes or West Midlands Metro. Additionally, flag any major attractions within walking distance or a short Uber ride away. In Birmingham attractions like The Utilita Arena, Symphony Hall, Hippodrome & other theatres, plus other popular destinations, can boost a listing's appeal and help give buyers an idea of what life may look like when they move in. This paints a picture of convenience and connects the location to recognisable attractions in their mind.

Capturing neighbourhood charm and vibrancy

In addition to proximity to amenities, today's urban homebuyers also prioritise neighbourhood charm, character and community. There can often be a sense that city properties lack this compared to homes in more rural areas, but within Birmingham City Centre locations such as The Jewellery Quarter reflect a maturing vibe, previously associated with some of the City’s stronger inner villages such as Moseley. In time Digbeth too will have this distinct quality, fostering a sense of community.

In many UK cities street fairs, farmers markets, summer festivals, outdoor cinemas and other events lend vibrancy and interest to an area. This, alongside a mix of independent businesses, cafes, vibrant public spaces and preserved architecture, defines the neighbourhood's persona. The strength of the neighbourhood bodies such as The Jewellery Quarter Neighbourhood Forum and other neighbourhood online chat rooms help install that sense of community. Recent Jewellery Quarter posts regularly highlight notes from potential new residents asking questions.

Conveying the intangible vibrancy and character of a neighbourhood can be a challenge, but it allows buyers to envision the lifestyle, should they choose to move in. This emotional connection can be just as influential as proximity to tangible amenities, especially for people moving to a new city who may well be building their life and wish to network again from scratch.

Leveraging up and coming areas

When listing a property, agents can highlight a location’s growth and positive trajectory to pique buyer interest, especially if they’re investing to make a profit. The experienced team at Maguire Jackson can help savvy sellers keep abreast of any up-and-coming areas near their listing, to make this a USP for potential viewers.

A good way to see which neighbourhoods and districts are performing well is to monitor developments and local news sources for insight into emerging hotspots. For example, a new green space or transit upgrade can boost a location’s appeal. Additionally, major new residential or commercial projects planned nearby for the area, as this suggests future growth through regeneration.

As a buyer look for indicators like rising house prices, new businesses opening and improved walkability or cycling infrastructure. An emerging arts or restaurant scene also indicates a changing neighbourhood – mentioning new galleries, street art and chef-driven eateries appearing locally provides buyers with a sense of community. Tying the home to an ascending location with promising developments can get buyers excited about future prospects and property values. For modern cities like Birmingham, the gentrification of the immediate areas close to the City core are an opportunity invariably driven by the differential of prices. The transformation of status of some locations in East London over the past thirty years is a great example of this movement.

For sellers listing homes in vibrant city locations, effectively conveying the surrounding neighbourhood adds immense value. Savvy agents go beyond photographing just the interior of a home and will strive to capture and communicate the essence of urban life the property offers. While staging and marketing the home itself remains important, remember to also place equal emphasis on the strength of its location. This allows urban buyers to envision all the dynamic city experiences just outside their front door.

Why not let Maguire Jackson help you market your property in the best light? As award-winning experts focussed on the Birmingham property scene, now trading over twenty years, we’re well placed to help showcase your home to the right buyers.

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