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You have made an excellent choice! Birmingham has more students than any other UK city outside London, so you will be in good company.

International students looking for accommodation in Birmingham will find that it is a friendly city pleased to play host to students from countries like China (Link to Chinese page/s on MJ site), India and the Middle East. The Birmingham universities and colleges are highly experienced in supporting international students. You can be assured that you will have access to all the necessary support services to make your time in the city fun and enjoyable, as well as educational.

Finding the right accommodation

Maguire Jackson has also developed expertise in working with overseas students to help them find the right place to live that will make their stay in Birmingham worthwhile and enjoyable. We have a portfolio of superior houses, flats apartments etc. for international students convenient to all Birmingham’s major places of study. We will be pleased to help you choose the right place to suit your individual needs

International students’ accommodation

Different sorts of student accommodation are available from studios or bed sits, to flats, apartments and houses. Maguire Jackson will explain to you the difference between these types of student accommodation, what is provided for you and what you have to provide yourself.

How Maguire Jackson can help

We will explain the contract you enter into with your landlord and how you need to pay bills relating to where you live.

Maguire Jackson will see that you have a reliable and trustworthy landlord.

The responsibilities of the landlord are:

  •  for the structure and repairs to the exterior of the property;
  •  to keeping all basins, sinks, baths and toilets in good repair;
  •  for the supply of services, that is, water, gas and electricity;
  •  to make suitable arrangements for the security of your mail to prevent interference;
  •  to give you reasonable notice if access is required for repairs;
  •  to give you their name and address or that of their agent;
  •  if you rent weekly, the landlord must supply you with a rent book. If you pay fortnightly they must give you receipts;
  •  your landlord should respect your right to peace and quiet in your own home.

Maguire Jackson have a specialist student lettings officer based close to all the universities who will be pleased to help international students in their search for accommodation.

Fast track student lettings enquiry service

You probably already know it is essential to start looking for student accommodation in Birmingham as soon as your offer of a place to study is confirmed. Maguire Jackson have developed a Fast Track Student Lettings Enquiry Service which will ensure we start investigating your requirements as soon as we have your details; just complete the simple form at the bottom of this page


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