Maguire Jackson – Covid Secure Statement


‘Hands, Face, Space’

Wa are playing our part to help control the spread of Coronavirus to help protect our teams our customers and our families.  We have completed a COVID Risk Assessment which will be kept under constant review, we have taken the following action:

  2. Our office is open however we will limit the number of visitors in our premises to three at any one time.
  4. We have Covid-19 prevention measures in place when you arrive, and this will include the wearing of face coverings and social distancing and santising your hands.  
  6. Where possible we have taken all reasonable steps to allow our team to work from home
  8. We have increased cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures both in our office and for teams who are out and about meeting clients
  10. We promote virtual and online methods of transactions including viewings and valuations
  12. Where face to face contact is required we will ensure we ask 3 basic questions before any meeting takes place this includes if anyone is showing symptoms of Covid-19, if they are self-isolating or anyone in their household is self-isolating or if they are shielding anyone in their household.
  14. With face to face viewings we will not permit anymore than 2 viewers at anyone time and these will be from the same household
  16. Where a face to face meeting is to take place, we will issue written confirmation on exactly what will happen at the meeting to ensure all parties are fully aware of the process and what to expect
  18. We will not allow any face to face open house viewings
  20. Any equipment which we use including camera’s, property keys, etc will be fully sanitised after each use
  22. We will avoid any physical contact and regrettably decline any offer of refreshments in people’s homes or provide any refreshments in our offices to our team or any visitors.

Any visitors to our office will be requested to scan our COVID QR code using the NHS COVID App; this will help trace any visitors in the event of the Coronavirus Testand Trace process being implemented.  

We review national and localised guidance on a regular basis and will make changes to our process and procedures as required. 

Neetu Ubbey, who is our Business Operations Manager, is the person responsible for our COVID-Secure strategy and your point of contact should you have any conerns or questions.  Neetu can be contacted at neetu@maguirejackson.com

Working together we are doing ‘our bit’ to help prevent any further spread of this virus and we thank you for your understanding and support

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