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St Paul's Chambers

St Paul's Square

Eight thoroughly modern apartments in an energy-efficient building that’s ‘secure by design’

Every aspect of the design and build at St Paul’s Chambers has been carefully thought through. From the energy-efficient, well-insulated green construction, to the attention to detail you will find in all the interior specifications - each of the eight apartments in this impressive development is a masterpiece.

Seven two-bed/two-bathroom properties range in size from 1,300 to 1,400 sq ft and occupy the middle three floors of this five-storey block. The entire top floor (and part of the third floor) is occupied by a substantial penthouse-style duplex apartment of 3,300 sq ft. The ground floor area has been allocated for commercial use.

The penthouse is a prestigious property with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Rooftop accommodation features dramatic full-height windows and a large terrace with views towards St Paul’s Square. When you factor in the other attributes of St Paul’s Chambers, this is very much a property for a buyer with impeccable taste.

The official website of St. Pauls Chambers:

Tel: 0121 634 1523


Philip Jackson

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