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Property for Pension - Location Profiles

The Property for Pension team offer stock invariably in City or regional major town locations where the residential lettings market is mature ,with large numbers of people regularly seeking accommodation. These can include mature students, young professionals & relocated senior professionals who move because of work. Within these centres properties are chosen which fit in the location & demographic of those looking ,They also are best placed for possible future capital growth.

The Property for Professionals team use a mixture of local knowledge and experience plus online research from regional studies & professional property sites.

In Cities outside of Birmingham City Centre where Maguire Jackson are leading agents it is the intention to ally the service to the other independent local leading firms.


Philip Jackson

Make, the Ken Shuttleworth leading international firm of architects recently reported that whilst studying their likely marketplace for an edge of City Centre quality residential scheme in Mumbai identified an audience of increasing numbers of a type of City dweller, a group we too have identified here in Birmingham.